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Targeted Energy Contracting Consulting


As an independent consulting company, energy efficiency is a prime concern for us. We have analyzed the energy contracting market in Austria and now exclusively cooperate with Engie Austria GmbH in this area. Engie's goal to be client-oriented and to come up with creative solutions is very much in keeping with our own philosophy.

We owe it to our planet to handle natural resources carefully. Below you will find an excerpt of the services Engie offers, which ICS especially complements with their financing services:

Together with strong partners we have set ourselves an ambitious goal. We want to replace the dogma of unprofitable sustainability with energy optimization. We enhance energy consumption of real estate and, in the process, use not only approaches that are perfectly tailored to your needs, but also innovative technologies while at the same time ensuring the efficient implementation and operation.

- Engie Austria GmbH

Energy suppliers are currently under tremendous pressure. On the one hand, end users are using increasingly more efficient technologies, while, on the other hand, the costs for the production of one kilowatt hour remain roughly constant. At the same time, though, investments have to be made in new, more sustainable production methods (solar, geothermal energy, photovoltaics, etc.) and research. But in between the sinking energy requirement and at the same time the pretty much constant energy production costs, the expectation is that the costs per unit will increase in the future. The trend towards a guarantee for operating costs presents another challenge for owners and operators of real estate. In order to remain competitive, indexing operating costs is a necessity, but it is not a replacement for using more efficient technologies and optimizing energy use.

If we look at the energy costs of a building over the life cycle of a property, it is not uncommon for these costs to account for 25% of the entire life cycle costs, independent of use. If we succeed at optimizing energy use, the operating costs and, in the overall scheme of things, the lifecycle costs will also be effectively reduced.

With over 5,000 implemented projects in Germany and Austria, over 70 independently operated biomass power plants and prominent reference projects, Engie not only boasts a successful track record, but also, thanks to its own research, has the experience and the know-how to make your real estate ready for the future.

The services offered by Engie are geared to owners, operators, project developers, investors, municipalities and many more who plan, build, use or renovate real estate or facilities that use more than 100 kW/year.


The advantages of energy optimization at a glance:

  • One contact person for consultation, financing, planning, construction, operation and maintenance
  • Complementary analysis of the existing situation and a quote for energy optimization
  • Subsidy management – The client receives 100% of the achievable funding
  • Engie is a one-stop shop for consultation, planning, financing, operation, maintenance and renovation
  • Assumption of supply risk and operational risk and operating cost guarantee
  • Exit conditions are defined clearly in advance for the client
  • Low operating costs and guaranteed operating costs make it more attractive for existing and potential users
  • Increase in the resale value of the real estate
  • Capital injection (e.g., with the sale of the building services facility)

Together with Engie we analyze your current supply situation free of charge and show you ways to optimize. During implementation, we provide you with consulting services in advance and are on hand to assist with the implementation in the areas of financing, planning, construction, operation and maintenance. Both the owners and the users profit in a sustainable way from the savings achieved.


Our services are ideally suited for:

  • Office buildings
  • Schools
  • Municipal offices
  • Hotels
  • Thermal baths
  • Residential buildings
  • Hospitals and care facilities
  • Production sites
  • and many more

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