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Neuroscience-based training and coaching - NCS Programs "Change Your Mind ... Create New Results"

Following intensive training with workshops around the world and a comprehensive course in June 2017 in Denver/Colorado as well as the subsequent certification process, Dr. Steinbichler passes on this knowledge as a Certified NCS Consultant (Consulting Division Dr. Joe Dispenza: www.neurochangesolutions.com) in the form of the highly up-to-date workshop „Change Your Mind … Create New Results“.

These events address all those who strive for a new orientation, substantial change or progress in their company or on a personal basis.

The workshop provides models and tools based on the latest findings of neuroscience by Dr. Joe Dispenza. It explains in a simple way how thoughts and biochemical processes work together in our body to initiate change in various layers of management and in the daily life of employees and leaders. A concept which not only raises the working life to a new level!

Selected contents:

  • Introduction and basic terms of neuroscience
  • Conscious and unconscious thinking – placebo effect
  • Models of personality and personal reality
  • Interaction between thoughts as the language of the brain and feelings as the language of the body
  • Modes of survival and creation – dealing with stress and dependencies on the environment, body and time
  • Our three brains and their functions
  • Conscious steering of our brain wave activity in order to make personal change possible

The above, central topics are especially supported by interactive exercises and demonstration of four tools which can be integrated very easily in your daily life.

Imagine your company will be set up of people who are, instead of stressed, creative and productive and are open for change, so that they deliver their daily performance with engagement and dedication. How would your company change and, most of all, how good would you and your employees feel? Isn't a company just as strong as the humans working for it?

If we have raised your interest with this new approach to change and progress we would be happy to receive your request and set up an individual offer for your company. Of course, all exercises and practical examples are designed industry- and company-specifically and adapted to the needs of your organization.

For more information we once again refer you to www.neurochangesolutions.com.


Participants' Feedback

After having attended this impressive NCS Workshop in Vienna, we are currently integrating this human resources development concept in our Falkensteiner Academy in order to strengthen the potentials of our staff and management levels, through which our international group reaches a better basis for future developments and continuous growth.

- Dipl. BW Claudia Beermann, CFO , FMTG – Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group

We can absolutely recommend attending the „Change Your Mind…Create New Results“ workshop. According to the findings of the neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Hans Steinbichler competently and wittily teaches in two half-days how we can change our thoughts and thinking in order to achieve a light and happy life.

- Dr. Gerald Jahn – Lawyer , Ursula Jahn-Sattmann – Real Estate Agent & Mediator

The NCS Workshop in Lienz took place in a very comfortable atmosphere. You are invited to take time for yourself and reflect private and business topics. As a manager of our family-owned hotel and mother of two children, this border is often blurring for me and therefore, I could profit on both sides and can implement positive change in my life from now on.

- Margit Stotter-Nothdurfter, Manager , Hotel Gribelehof

This NCS program is a fantastic way of assisting occupational medicine! I definitely should recommend it to my clients!

- Dr. Alexander Deimel , Specialist in internal medicine and occupational physician

I especially like the scientific approach and the interactive exercises. It has been proven at length, that our thoughts influence our body – now I am learning, how I can use this knowledge in order to reach my goals. An exciting journey!

- Sabrina Blazek, MA MA, Senior Consultant , ICS Consulting

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