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Alternative Financing – Buy-To-Let-models & Crowdinvesting

Financing by enthusiasm

Buy-To-Let-models and crowdinvesting are the future of corporate financing in many areas and sectors!

Together with our knowledgeable and successful Austrian network partners, Fundraizer GmbH and Finnest GmbH, we design flexible financing models for your project. With both kinds of mobilized financing, projects are supported by private individuals and companies (= the crowd) which could not be realized without this financing such as the snow-making facility for the Loser Cable Car Company, the largest crowdfunding project in Austria in 2016, which was designed by ICS and implemented by Fundraizer. Currently, we are working on crowdfunding projects in the areas of tourism & cable railway management, art & culture as well as in orcharding and viticulture.

Crowdinvesting at Finnest, on the other hand, means that the investors become funders of the company. For the investors, it is an attractive financial investment (mostly subordinated loans with a term of three to seven years). At the moment, interest rates of up to 7% were possible when becoming part of the crowdinvesting project for Hotel Trattlerhof, Carinthia, Southern Austria. Also, ICS and Finnest implemented a very successful crowdinvesting campaign for the Falkensteiner Hotel Group in 2017, where investors received a 50% bonus if they decided to receive their interest in form of vouchers.

This shows that more and more, the interest rate and even the payback is being offered in the form of services provided by the company (e.g., hotel vouchers) and are happily accepted by many investors. The interest rates for individual projects can be up to 10% per annum, which is a win-win situation both for the investor and for the company.

Our services:

  • Analysis of the existing financial structure
  • Development and optimization of alternative financing (financial engineering)
  • Assistance in the acquisition of investments and mezzanine investors
  • Design and implementation of crowdfunding and crowdinvesting campaigns in cooperation with our partner companies Fundraizer and Finnest

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